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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Healthy Is As Healthy Does

Many years ago, in an economy far far away, I worked on marketing over a dozen diet, nutrition and fitness books (as well as a ton of other titles.)

As a serial dieter yo-yo-ing from healthy-curvy to chunky monkey, I've tried many programs over the years. So I was all too happy to put my mouth where my marketing was and become the in-house guinea-pig testing out many of these expertly-researched books.
And one really did the trick: The Fat Resistance Diet.

Without going into the technical nitty-gritty of it (you can get that info at Dr. Galland's website that I linked to above or buy the book here), FRD offers a plan that promotes anti-inflammatory health and in the process produces real results. Can you tell I'm a fan? I lost about 25 lbs. the first time, lost my way (weigh?) and revisited the plan before my wedding with impressive results. And this is what I mean by healthy because it isn't a "diet" but a way of eating and cooking that improves health, not just your waistline. Here are the basics:
  • 8-9 serving of fruit or veg. a day
  • Balancing omega-6 and omega 3's in your diet
  • Lean proteins, portion-controlled
  • Whole grains instead of processed foods with white flour and sugar
There's a lot more to it and the book is filled with interesting nutrition ideas and facts that I've never seen anywhere else. But in my lazy-cook way, I've interpreted it as these four basic ideas and adapted it to my style of cooking--although Dr. Galland's son and co-author provides dozens of delicious recipes and menus. (No, really, they are super tasty and not your typical rabbit food!)

Full disclosure: While Mr. Lemon and I are back on the fat-resistance wagon these days, I don't put our guests on the plan and most of our entertaining involves some serious butter and pastry. And since this blog is about accountability, I'll post those sweet-filled pitfalls, as well.

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