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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salsa Verde Very Green Salad

We joined a CSA, which means our fridge this summer is full to the brim with greens--in more ways that one.** And while I love that this forces us to eat more vegetables (helping along that goal of 8-9 servings a day), well, it can sometimes seems a bit forced. So there's a lot of salad and also a lot of wondering what to do with the non-lettuce produce or the items we've never cooked with (hello, ramps!)

The solution seems to be to go even greener. I've been putting together salads with both raw and cooked CSA finds, but to pull it all together I'm throwing Salsa Verde on top. This dressing/sauce usually accompanies fish or chicken, and this night, pictured below, I threw it on top of salad with sugar snap peas, leftover cooked beets, roasted ramps and lettuce from the CSA, cold leftover tilapia and a fresh homegrown tomato. Delicious, refreshing, healthy and easy.

Salsa Verde

1/2 c. parsley
1/2 c. basil
2 cloves garlic
1 Tablespoon capers
1 Tablespoon red wine vinegar
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil, glug it in

Combine all ingredients in a food processor. (I use the mini Cuisinart). Be sure to add enough olive oil that the sauce can come together easily. I'd guess about 3 Tablespoons.

CSA vegetables make it out of the fridge
Delicious and healthy sauce makes salad a little less boring
Thrift-tastic way to use leftover bits of fish, chicken or pork
Five servings of vegetable and counting...

** And its green-friendly in a couple ways: Our CSA costs about $17 a week for 6-7 vegetables a week. Some we use up in one meal (sugar snaps) but others take a while to work through and we often have the longer-lasting vegetables such as turnips and cabbage well into the following week. And don't get me started on the kohlrabi!!

I think we're breaking even on what we would normally spend vs. the CSA, but so far it makes life a little more interesting. The other green factor is that its all coming from an organic farm, which certainly offers health benefits when you're eating this many greens.

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