Eating better food for less and other tales from a no-moneymoon

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

Oh dear, I need to confess. If this blog is truly about accountability, I'm putting it all out there, including the many non-healthy, non-thrifty moments from this holiday weekend. One word: ribs.

Overall, the meal was thrifty: pork ribs for two (and really enough for three or four!) were just $5, doctored up baked beans $.50, homemade cornbread approx $1. But that's no excuse.

And then I broke the bank with a 16 lb. watermelon to make Watermelon Mojitos. $7 dollars later, we had some lovely pink cocktails to welcome summer.

I'm making up for it. I promise.

Since the only thing remotely health-esque are the Watermelon Mojitos, here's how to make them:

Cut up 1/4 of a whole watermelon. Throw in the blender with 2 Tb. lime juice, a handful of fresh mint, a solid pour of cachaca (regular rum works, too), a cup of ice and 1 Tb. sugar. Blend it. You'll have some frothy pink foam at top. I thought it looked pretty, but it may give you a pink mustache (kind of fun, no?) If you're not into looking silly, strain the foam. Serves 2 for a long cocktail hour, 4 for a short one.

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